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Tree Removal

As sad as it is for all of us to see a tree go, sometimes it is necessary and the safest thing to do. From your tree growing dangerously close to your home or powerline, to its roots starting to mess with your home’s foundation, our team’s efficient, safe, and precise tree removal services are ideal for all around the Crofton and Bowie, MD areas. To get started and receive a free quote for your tree removal services, call today!

Tree Planting

Tree planting may seem easy, but to ensure it’s done properly and lead to a strong and healthy tree, call our Eden Tree team today! With years of experience, we’ve gathered the knowledge of every style and species of tree. From knowing how deep to plant your trees to how often they should be watered, and what soil is best for them, our team knows it all. Call today to learn more why so many trust us in and around Bowie, MD.

Stump Grinding

An unattended tree stump can quickly become both an eyesore in your landscape as well as a host for beetles and bugs alike, acting like a buffet and shelter for many species. By grinding down your stump to be flush to your ground, not only does it look better aesthetically, but it also stops any unwanted pests from making your backyard their home. With many benefits, call today to learn more about our professional and safe stump grinding services. 

Tree Maintenace

To make sure your tree is healthy, and prepared for all seasons, come to Eden Tree for all of your maintenance needs. From pruning to pest control, and everything in between, our team will thoroughly examine your tree, creating a customized maintenance plan to guarantee a strong, sturdy, and happy tree in the long run. Call our team today for your tree maintenance needs in or around Crofton, MD.

Other Services

Tree Trimming ★ Emergency Services ★ Tree Pruning ★ Tree Feeding ★ and More!

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